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Chapters: 9/9
Fandom: Homestuck
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Kanaya Maryam & Karkat Vantas, Dirk Strider/Karkat Vantas, Rose Lalonde/Dave Strider, Kanaya Maryam & Dave Strider, Sollux Captor & Karkat Vantas, John Egbert & Jake English, John Egbert/Karkat Vantas, Karkat Vantas & Damara Megido
Characters: Kanaya Maryam, Karkat Vantas, Dirk Strider, Dave Strider, Rose Lalonde, Sollux Captor, Damara Megido, John Egbert, Jake English
Additional Tags: Pale Romance | Moirallegiance, Sibling Incest, Tickling, Wrestling, molting, Self-Hatred, Bleachstuck, Superheroes, Gangsters, Cyberpunk, Human Sacrifice, Humanstuck
Series: Part 9 of Kit’s HSWC Writings

A collection of BR fills I did for HSWC 2014

Not everyone warning or tag or pairing applies to every piece.

Ask Box Request #30: Unfit For This Task


The Kingdom of Prospit was in an uproar when their heir was abducted from his carriage on his way back from his visit to Derse. Foul play was suspected but he was taken while far within Prospit’s boarders, so the intentions and alliance of those responsible were still unknown. Derse immediately sent aid to help find the young Prince but so far their efforts were in vain. Whoever had taken him had killed his guards and had not been foolish enough to take the chariot or any of the recognizable valuables. They had simply taken him, the money, and the weapons. The King was not pleased his son was taken but he didn’t lose heart. He knew his boy to be resourceful. He ordered his one of his son’s closest friends, the Page, to join the team Derse had sent and take some of their own best to try and find who had taken him, why, and to bring him and possibly those responsible back alive. 

Karkat watched the sixteen year old sleep peacefully in the room they had provided John. The troll was silently bouncing his leg and listening intently for any little noise. He placed his hand on his knee and gave it a squeeze to try and make himself stop before beginning to wring his hands in his lap. He couldn’t seem to stop shaking. ‘Bad idea, worst fucking idea. Why the hell did I let them talk me into helping them abduct the Heir? Oh yeah because Karkat fucking Vantas is a stupid grub who couldn’t convince his idiot friends that they’d all die a painful death together in the name of equality. Woop de fucking do. I don’t give a shit that my father was a champion for the cause. He’s fucking six feet under and has been for sweeps now. Who gives a shit if the Duchess is out to take the throne and make things worse for for all of us? Keeping him here isn’t going to open the King’s eyes and if whoever he and Derse have sent don’t kill us her minions are sure to. I’ll never see the beginning of my twelfth sweep.’

He’d been trying to keep him comfortable. He feed him even when the others said not to since he’d misbehaved. He’d given him his blanket so he’d sleep comfortably and stroked his hair when he’d been having a nightmare. He was telling him stories to pass the time faster and had even managed to hold his temper when John had offered to swap places with him to show him how to be a real kidnapper like the others were talking about. He’d been tempting to accept for a moment. Just to maybe have something to be actually angry with the kid about. The problem was he didn’t want to be. He didn’t have the will or desire to hurt him. He was far too soft for this.

Ask Box Request #27: Bad Bunny

"Come here." Karkat sat in a plush armchair and pointed to the place on the floor in front of his feet. "You know what you did. You know what I’m going to do about it. If I have to get up you’re going to regret it. You remember what happened last time."

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Crouching Dumb, Hidden Dom

EB: dave I got your package today. boy you got my birthday present to me early this year. why the rush delivery?
TG: thought you might want to take a peek in there and make a few plans with your angry half.
EB: dave you didn’t.
TG: oh but i did Egbert. i did. enjoy if you can stop blushing long enough to him use them
TG: i had to top that ripsnorter of a present you sent me last year
TG:good job with the color changing edible body paint
TG: the moment it went from white to red… lets just say ive got some scarring thanks to you
TG: maybe karkles will give you a few
EB:  hehehehe had to do it dave. i’m just going to open this box now. i’ll let you know how it goes, if i even let him see this stuff. ;)  
TG: no fair egbert
TG: im trying to establish a tradition here that you started. cant turn it into a battle of whos willing to not use the others present first
EB:  later dave. i might tell you if anything happens. after I see what’s in here. bye.

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Ask Box Request #7: Cold Treats

Karkat Vantas stared at the offered treat and then back at John. He didn’t trust the other boy, not with all the shit he had pulled in the past whenever he offered him anything. From trick snakes to joy buzzers Karkat Vantas had been treated to a crash course in practical jokes. He wasn’t in the mood for it today, not that he ever was. Today was hot, really hot, and the troll had been fanning himself with a folded newspaper. He wasn’t used to Washington weather but the heir had told him this heat wave wasn’t normal, not for his area anyway.

"If you think I’m stupid enough to accept that you must think I was hatched yesterday. Leave me alone before this heat makes me shove that in your face."

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